About Us


At 27, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 2 weeks later I was having a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I recovered, went back to work, and life returned to normal.


Then, less than two years later, I was hit with breast cancer again, this time stage 4. My whole world stopped. I was the healthiest person I knew, and was doing absolutely everything I could by the books, but this time it was in my bones.


I was so scared and fearful, didn’t know what to do. More fearful of being a cancer patient than the cancer itself, I embarked upon a 40 day fast only to find my condition worsened.


Then one day I woke up with clarity. I knew exactly what I was going to do, but it didn’t matter what I chose because I knew, in my core, that what I decided was going to work.


And it did. I began to heal.


During my treatment, I was gifted a box of skincare. I was becoming very conscious of what I was putting in and on my body so I began to research the ingredients. I quickly found they were full of endocrine disrupters, neurotoxins and carcinogens.


And thus 11:11 Lab was born. 100% natural yet backed by science. Gentle on sensitive skin but with powerful ingredients to act on anti-aging!
A beautiful range of luxury skincare to accentuate every woman’s natural beauty.


Now I live a fulfilling life doing what I absolutely love- empowering and inspiring other woman, making them feel beautiful and worthy.


My dream is for every gorgeous lady in Australia to ditch the harmful chemicals and toxins, and instead receive a lovingly prepared package from 11:11 Lab that makes them feel beautiful and their skin glow, all with 100% natural products.




That's a great question and one I would love to answer for you! I am sure that if the name, 11:11 Lab, resonates with you, you have most likely seen these numbers everywhere and feel drawn to them.
11 11 is the number of spiritual awakening, signifying that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your Soul’s purpose.  For me, this rings so true with my journey and I know others will resonate! It is a number that can empower you when you learn to recognise it. 
11 11 also means to become conscious and aware. In terms of skincare, this is to become conscious and aware of what you're putting on and in your body. This is why 11:11 Lab is made with 100% natural ingredients.
All 11:11 Lab skincare products are:
Proudly Australian made, owned and operated
*100% natural and high quality ingredients
No Parabens or SLS
Nothing synthetic or artificial
Cruelty free
Ethical & Sustainable
    11:11 Lab skincare products do NOT contain:
    Synthetic Colours
    Synthetic Fragrances
      Where do our ingredients come from?
      We believe in sourcing as many ingredients as possible from our own backyard, including places like the Outback, the Queensland Rainforests and the Eastern Coastline. Many of these ingredients are grown in their natural habitat, and are wild harvested without the use of any chemicals. Some of the incredibly active ingredients used in our products include: White Clay, Aloe Vera, Native Snow Flower, Mandarin, Collagen (derived from seaweed), Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Peptides, Banksia Flower, Jacaranda, Lemon Myrtle, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Rose hip Oil, Jacaranda, Milk Thistle, Seabuckthorn Berry, Gotu Cola, Pink Lotus, Cucumber, Olive Leaf Extract, Chamomile, Radish Root, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and more.